The Chief Executive in Akasaka, Jazz Pianist, Yumiko V. Lancaster gives dresses, accessories to all for free

The hats are tailored to fit your size.
Special price: ¥50,000 for each hat.
It will take about a month to deliver a hat.
Let us know your size according to the chart below.

Size S M L
Head measurement 53-56cm 56-58.5cm 58.5cm〜
Let's Go To The Darkside Of The Moon On The Special Day
A beautiful purple hat.
On the decorated part, an organza ribbon, feather and mink fur are arranged in a floral motif. Black net material is used on the rim.
A tastefully designed organza hat.
Brown material with emerald green colored rim.
A large size floral decoration gives a beautiful accent.
Special Price ¥50,000 Special Price ¥50,000
Cine Du Samedi Look At You, Look At Me
This wide-brimmed hat is chic and elegant,
and the materials used are silk and taffeta.
The contrast of white and black is very beautiful.
The material of the hat is organza.
The color is soft gray-silver.
Special Price: ¥50,000 Special Price: ¥50,000

For further inquiries, please send the following information
by e-mail,telephone or fax:
  1.Your name
  2.E-mail address
  4.Telephone number
  5.Name of item to order
  6.Method of payment (bank remittance or cash on delivery
E-mail address:
Tel: 03-3586-6379(Monday through Friday 9:00 to 18:00)
Fax: 03-3586-6386

Refer here for detailed information on delivery charges, deliveries, returning items, etc.

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