The Chief Executive in Akasaka, Jazz Pianist, Yumiko V. Lancaster gives dresses, accessories to all for free

Distributor: Yumiko Victoria Lancaster Co. Ltd.
Marketing Manager: Yumiko Victoria Lancaster
Location: Storia Akasaka 307, 6-18-11, Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 03-3586-6379 (Monday through Friday 9:00 to 18:00)
Fax: 03-3586-6386
Inquiries to:
How to order: Place your order by mail, telephone or fax.

E-mail address:
Tel: 03-3586-6379 (Monday through Friday 9:00 to 18:00)
Fax: 03-3586-6386
Charges other than
payment for goods:
The shipping charge is 800 yen.
If you wish to pay on delivery, a handling fee of 300 yen will be charged.
We request our customers to bear bank remittance fees.
Defective goods: We will exchange any defective items immediately.
In case we do not have the item in stock, we will exchange it for a similar product or cancel the order after discussing with the customer.
Quantity sold: This differs depending upon the product.
Delivery time: Items will be shipped so as to be delivered on the customer’s designated date
within 2 to 30 days from the order date.
Payment method: Either by cash on delivery or bank remittance

[Paying by bank remittance]
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Akasaka Branch (Futsu) 8634317
Yumiko Victoria Lancaster Co., Ltd.

(Note): We do not accept cash on delivery from islands except Okinawa.
Terms of payment: Cash on delivery: payment must be made at the time of delivery.
Bank remittance: items are delivered upon confirmation of remittance.
Returning goods: Be aware that we do not accept return of items such as order- made dresses,
order- made hats or items that have been worn or used.

Refund will be made to the customer’s designated bank account after
receiving and checking the item.
Period for return of items: (Only unused items will be accepted).
Contact us within three days after receipt, and return the item by U-pack or Takkyubin
(door-to-door delivery service) within 7 days after receipt of theitem
(to avoid any loss or accidents, please use U-pack or Takkyubin)
Shipping fee for return of items: If it is in the customer’s interest to return the item, we ask the customer to
bear the shipping cost. However, in case of exchange for defective items or
delivery of wrong items, we bear the shipping cost.
Exchange: In case you wish to exchange your ordered item, please contact us in advance.
We will exchange it free of charge in case of wrong size or color.

1. Depending on current stocks, we may not be able to exchange it for your desired item.
2. The new item will be delivered only after we receive the purchased item from the customer.
Product lines: Jewelry, dresses, fashionable miscellaneous goods and concert tickets
Business Activities: 1. Managing music schools
2. Rental and sale of clothing and accessories such as jewelry, etc.
3. Organizing, producing and planning contracts for concerts and events
4. Planning, producing and sale of music and imaging software
5. Planning and managing of events and seminars in relation to international exchanges
6. Marriage information offers and services
7. Publishing
8. Activities related to all the items mentioned above

Yumiko Victoria Lancaster Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as “the Company Group”) firmly believe in securing clients' private information as an obligation of the ordinance and also as an important social obligation. The Company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “observing the law with high moral principles”. Its private information protection policy to safeguard clients' private information is therefore laid out as follows.

Private Information:
Private information includes information provided by clients together with their names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, purchased goods, or received services, including the contents of the questionnaires filled by the applicants, and of enquiries, as well as any other information that permits their identification by any other means.
Acquisition of Private Information:
The Company Group, after informing the clients the purpose of using their private information, acquires their private information after obtaining their consent, if necessary. The acquisition shall be made while limiting its purpose as much as possible. The scope of the acquired private information shall be limited sufficiently to achieve the purpose of the acquisition. Also, in acquiring the information, proper and fair methods shall be applied.
Purpose of Using Private Information:
The Company Group shall use private information acquired from clients for the following purposes:
  • ・ To introduce the music school.
  • ・ To send concert tickets, catalogues and goods or gifts.
  • ・ To administer after-sales services on purchased goods.
  • ・ To provide information on new merchandise, services and campaigns.
  • ・ To send out questionnaires and to analyze the results of the questionnaires.
  • ・ To solicit monitors and to use the monitored information.
  • ・ To make participation requests in advertisements such as images.
  • ・ To compile statistical data and to analyze clients within the Company Group.
  • ・ To identify the person.
Utilization of Private Information:
The Company Group will use clients’ private information within the scope of the purposes as previously notified above, and shall refrain from using it for any other purposes without their consent.
Providing and Disclosing Private Information to Third Parties:
The Group shall neither provide nor disclose clients' private information to any third parties, except business concerns that have concluded a confidentiality contract, without the clients' consent beyond the scope of the notified purposes. In the case where the handling of private information is consigned to outsiders, and also in the case of public authorities such as the courts and the police who may request disclosure of the information, the Group may provide or disclose the information without the clients' consent.
Maintenance of In-house Structure:
The Group, based on its privacy policy which conforms to in-house regulations on private information, shall make its policy regarding the handling of the information clear. It also provides knowledge and education to its directors and employees in order to build, maintain and improve its private information protection systems, thereby maintaining in-house auditing systems relevant to the protection of the information. Also, the Group, limiting the number of staff who holds access rights to the information database, ensures that the information is protected from illegal access due to such risks as leakage or falsification by applying proper and logical measures for the sake of protecting the information. With regard to the handling of the information, in case any error in the information is discovered, the Group shall continuously revise it after implementing corrective and protective measures without delay.
Disclosure and Correction of Private Information
With regard to private information kept in the Group, in case any client wishes the information to be disclosed or corrected, or desires termination of usage or deletion, please contact the information desk concerning private information.
<Enquiring about Private Information>
Telephone: 03-3586-6379
Office hour: 9:00am to 6:00pm(except Saturdays and Sundays)
With regard to enquiries concerning disclosure of private information, except for the case where it causes extreme hindrance to carrying out the Group's business, or except for the case where there is a possibility of physically damaging a person, his assets or other interests, the information shall be disclosed to the client without delay.

When the information's correction, suspension of its usage or deletion is requested, upon initiating an investigation without delay, the Group shall correct, use, suspend or delete it if necessary.

However, in case of suspension of usage and deletion, kindly understand that it will not be possible to return or exchange the purchased goods. In order to avoid leakage, falsification or deletion of private information by any third party, the said person's identity shall be confirmed at the time of disclosing or correcting the private information.

Voice Recording by Telephone:
The Group is equipped with telephone ordering facilities at the call-center and the customer service center, and is able to voice-record enquiries. The Group may have recourse to the voice data system to confirm the content of a contract and to verify that the ordering data has been correctly input, or if there is any problem regarding the telephone response,
Information on Customers (including the Group’s website)
The Group, for the purpose of performing its repeat order operations, shall retain the assignee’s private information for a certain period.
Applicants’ Private Information (including the display of our website)
The Group obtains and retains applicants' private information for the purpose of hiring. The Group, unless otherwise stipulated by Law, will never provide or disclose such information to a third party without the person's consent. Also, after hiring is complete, all information from rejected parties shall be disposed of and removed by proper means.
Employees’ Private Information (limited to in-house application)
The Group shall keep any private information acquired from employees for employment purposes. The Group, except when required for its business activities, shall refrain from providing the information to any third party without consent of the said employee.
Security Camera Recording (limited to in-house application)
At the Group's call-center, security cameras are installed at all its entrance/exit doors in order to check all the human traffic at the call-center. The data recorded by the security cameras shall be firmly guarded and used exclusively for security purposes. Unless it is requested to disclose the information by ordinance, or such public authorities as the courts or the police request disclosure of the information, it shall not be disclosed to any third party.
Improvement of Private Information Management
With regard to handling of clients' private information, the Group, after reviewing the content of the privacy policy regarding each item in order to properly respond to changes in business content and the social environment, shall continuously strive to improve it. With regard to the security management of clients', customers' and employees' private information, the Group, while giving due consideration to the proper handling of information, shall intensify its protection of private information in order to gain your trust.
Yumiko Victoria Lancaster Co., Ltd.